Friday, May 1, 2009


Children love to take after their parents, and if their parents have good manners, their good manners will usually come naturally. On the other hand, no one can expect a child of two of three years of age to act exactly like a grown-up. Certainly, they may forget to say, "thank you" once in a while, or they may be sloppy from time to time when they are eating at the table. Occasional forgetting of good manners is expected in a small child and is almost always forgiven quickly.

t is funny, but some children at four and five years have better manners than they do when they get to be six, seven or eight. Them to forget all the good things their parents taught when they were young. But it really isn't true. Actually, they neglect their good manners when they get to be six, seven or eight in order to show their parents that they have become independent. It's almost as if they were saying, "Mother, I have always acted and behaved exactly as you told me to when I was little. But now, I'm grown up and I can do what I please.

Ref: Good and Bad Manners


JoeCo said...

A very good reminder to parents!

Nicely worded posting!

Ispoklok said...

Singit ako!

Politeness is very pleasing to the ears.