Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A good friend shared this very inspiring prayer.
So what's the goal of life and how do you win the game?

Dear Lord, please help me be a good sport in the game of life. I am asking for an easy place n the lineup. In fact, put me anywhere You need me. I always try to give You 100% of everything I have.

If all the hard drives seem to come my way, then I thank You for the compliment, knowing that You never send Your players more trouble than they can handle.

I also ask You Lord, to help me accept the bad breaks as part of the game and may i always play on the square despite what others may do. Help me to keep reading and studying "The Book" so I'll always know the rules.

And if the natural turn of events goes against me and I'm benched either for sickness or old age, help me to accept that as part of the game, too. Keep me from whimpering that I was framed or that I a raw deal.

And lastly, my Lord, when my final inning comes, I ask for no laurels. My only goal is to know in my heart that I played as well as I could and that I didn't let You down.


"The Kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in the field.
When a man found it, he hid it again, and then
in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field."

Jesus Christ (Matthew 13:44 NIV)


JJM said...

Amen and hallelujah to this one!

Anonymous said...

I like this prayer!

Anonymous said...

Really inspiring!

Bay Martin said...

Amen to the prayer, too!

Bay Martin said...

@ Anon,

I will also make a copy and have it laminated.

Bay Martin said...

@ Anon 2,

It is, indeed!