Friday, May 29, 2009


While on repat leave, my nephews and nieces were always having clean fun jokes of my age, and that I should now get a senior citizen card to avail all the special privileges and benefits granted to elderly citizens, such as fare discounts, health care, etc. They would always end up looking at each other and laughed their hearts out loud. Hey... hey... hey... come on guys... I am not that old! Am only ... ty-two! The truth is, I am still young. They just love to tease me because I look older for my age.

Why do people become more fearful with the approach of age? One reason is that we live in a society that glorifies youth. Although middle-aged people in our society may be respected, this respect can be threatened by an arbitrary retirement age. While other factors may be at work, the approach of old age adds to anxiety during middle life, and perhaps makes people feel old sooner.

Getting old seems remote to most young people. Even people of sixty-five who are active and healthy tend to think of themselves as middle aged rather than old, and often insist that you are as young as you feel. But a person of fifty who is in poor health my feel very old.

We put off thinking about growing old. Yet reminders of old age are present from childhood. When young, we may have contact with an aging grandparent. Later we may be responsible for the physical and emotional needs of aging parents. Our experiences with aging friends and relatives will influence our own experiences in later years.

Being old is an individual matter. What people make of old age is influenced by the health and the viewpoint they bring to it. Cultural attitudes are important, also. Most cultures respect the aged.


EdZee aka xicowner said...

Age should not matter especially if what you are doing doesn't need too much physical strength. Old age should not lose respect for anyone as long as he talks and acts his age.

ZZron said...

Dito pala ako dapat magpost ng comment, Kuya Bay!

Ha ha ha! Umaapila ka pa eh talagang oldies but goldies ka na ughhh!!!

Sige pagbalik na lang natin mamaya!

ZZron said...

Prayer time, mamaya na tayo bumaba!

Eh bakit nga ba pa-sikret-sikret pa ang idad mo, umamin ka na! ha ha ha!

Bay Martin said...

@ Edzee,

Of course, age does matter!

People in the middle years become more aware of time's passing than they were before. The middle aged see themselves as bridges of generations. Life is restructured in terms of time-left-to-live rather time since birth.

For people whose youthful dreams have not been realized, middle age becomes a time of regret and the "middle-age blues." A sense of humor rescues many in the middle adult years, and they accept the less-than-ideal circumstances of life philosophically. Efforts are directed toward family, job, and community. Giving and helping become necessary. The fantasies of fame and fortune need not necessarily give to despair, but to making the most out of one's assets and planning future years sensibly.

Bay Martin said...

@ ZZron,

Please visit as often so I can give some nice pointers sa blogging!

Bay Martin said...

@ ZZron

Let it remain a secret yaikkk!

JJM said...

Nicely worded entry T2 Bay! Very interesting!

Bay Martin said...

Thanks JJM!