Monday, May 25, 2009


always hear the phrase, "he/she has an attitude!"

But how do we get attitude?

An attitude differs from an opinion, belief, or simply a point of view. An attitude implies a feeling about something as well as knowledge of it. Attitudes have a dynamic, motivational impact that the other concepts lack. When beliefs or opinions are emotionally tinged, when they involve existing situations, and when they cause us to respond in a consistent way toward people or events, they become attitudes.

In one case, our attitude is based on what we read. In the other, it is based on what we saw. Attitudes can also come from observing models--seeing how other people do things. Attitude can come from being rewarded or punished for conforming or not conforming to standards our family or peers consider important.


Ferds said...

Very, very true! Ang attitude kadalasan hawa-hawa!

Anonymous said...

Some attitudes are acquired, some are learned!