Thursday, May 28, 2009


rayer like life is a unique experience to each person. It is very personal. It is the deepening of one's personal relationship with God. An art of communicating between you and Him. As form of communication, prayer involves your talking and listening to God. So prayer, is simply talking to God and listening to Him while he talks. It is the most basic expression of our faith in God. To quote the author of the Power of Living, "it is the breathing of our spiritual life. It is our lifeline to God."

But how many of us today have difficulty in praying? How should we pray? And what if we will no longer pray? You will soon find out that you longer recognize and hear Jesus Christ talking to you through the circumstances of your life. Prayer is turning to God and without it our lives become progressively more self-centered.


Eman said...

Prayers can move mountains!

ZZron said...

I like this one, very religious ang dating!

Bay Martin said...

@ Eman,

Exactly! You can do anything in His power!

Bay Martin said...

@ ZZron,

Thanks! Naintindihan mo ba? ha ha

CV said...

Topic po namin sa Growth Series ang prayers.