Thursday, May 21, 2009


Nowadays, sending children to good schools for higher education is a very expensive endeavor.

The step taken recently by a number of schools to increase their fees is undoubtedly of great significance as it affects a large number of families and their children. The increase in fee will also have an influence on families on whether or not to continue educating their children.

The question really is not whether the increases in school fees are justified or not. Rather, the issue at hand here is how will the increase affect the quality of education that is being placed on offer. The relationship between pricing fees and the areas it is affecting within a certain educational system should be closely monitored. Such an outlook, of course, should by no means be perceived as a mandate for schools to increase prices unreasonably and unjustifiably.

o offer appropriate and qualified education does not render schools the right to turn this into an unaffordable burden for parents. At times, the ends do not necessarily justify the means


Anonymous said...

Very, very true! Sending children to school is really very costly.

CV said...

This is very true, T2 Bay. Mahal na rin po tuition namin ngayon. This is the reason why I am studying harder.