Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We are experiencing some hottest days of the year with temperatures climbing to 48degC in most part of the Kingdom. Forecasters are predicting more of the same over the next few days due to hot and dry southernly winds.

The hottest day was last Friday with the temperature shooting up to 51degC. Although the mercury has not yet officially touched 53deC, the highest summer temperature in the last ten years, the Kingdom is already suffering from the heat wave coming from the empty quarter, a desert bordering the UAE and Saudi Arabia. When the actual temperature is coupled with high humidity, the severity of conditions experienced increases three to four degrees.

The climate of most of Saudi Arabia is very hot in the summer, hot in the spring and fall, and moderate during the winter months. Contrary to popular belief, it occasionally rains in Saudi Arabia. The highest annual rainfall of 215.5mm (9 inches) occurs in Khamis Mushayt. Also, in Dhahran/Dammam, high humidity is the norm during the hot summer months.


selbon said...

haha! I worked there for almost a decade, it's like everyday blue skies. You can fry an egg on the roof of a car.

Good luck, stay in your air-conditioned room

Bay Martin said...

I believe you.

Today, it was so hot and humid.

Anonymous said...

Humidity today is very high! The temperature is sickening!

CV said...

Super sa init po kahapon T2. We have no classes today dahil maraming maysakit.