Thursday, May 15, 2008


My colleague was so happy to recount the delicious avocado treat he had the previous night.

This nutty fruit, though not everybody’s favorite, can go a long way in helping us avoid health hazards with its high nutrient value. We may not be aware, but avocados are high in fiber and top the fruit chart in containing potassium, vitamin E, and magnesium, not to mention the maximum folate they contain. The mono-unsaturated fat in the fruit is one of its biggest health benefits.

Over ripened avocados are not good to eat. Buy semi ripe avocados and consume them about two days to get the best out of the fruit’s flavor.

Avocados have been cultivated for thousands of years. They were native in Central America. The avocado trees are grown only in sub-tropical and tropical climates.


jazzy said...

my favorite avocados..
today for lunch , i had togos turkey sandwich on wheat bread w/ avocado
we are having heatwave tooday !!whew.. like i'm in manila or las vegas in i stopped by this vietnamese
rest. to order my fav. avocado pearl drink another yummy treat to sip during this summer like weather.
halo halo w/ avocado & ice cream what can you say!! after dinner treat....

Ria Coleto-Cervantes said...

Yummy! Uncle, I tagged you here...

Please check it out.

Bay Martin said...

My Dearest Jazmin,

Thanks a heap for the comment. I am not happy with my webpage right now 'coz some of the pics I posted are not appearing. I am draining my brain to fix it.

Yes, avocado is very much in the market nowadays, lalo na siguro sa atin. Avocado variety available here is kind of small.

Tomorrow, I am going to have halu-halo with friends. It's summertime here, and it's really hot-hot-hot, especially mid day!

How do you find my blog? Are all the pics coming out?

Bay Martin said...


I am reading something about the tagging thing? I haven't accessed the URL you sent. I am not happy at all sa blogpage ko. The pics are not coming out, puro "x". What is wrong, will somebody help me! I really don't have any idea how to fix it! How is it coming your end?


Monching said...

Oyy ang daming avocado ngayon sa Tamimi, pero ang mahalllll ng isang kilo!