Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This song is my link to my bestfriends,
Jazmin, Marilou, and Rosemarie. I feel so
nostalgic today, bestfriends, and I want you
all to know that you are always thought about.
Do you remember this song?
You may be miles and miles away, but my
heart and spirit will always be with you!

Five Hundred Miles


chemicalfreecaz said...

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Thanks for the visit.

Bay Martin said...

Hi, many, many thanks for the entry. I sincerely appreciate your visit.

Yes, it is one of my fav songs, and I really enjoy listening to Peter, Paul & Mary. It's a pity I lost all my LP discographies of the group. But I am now building my PPM library again, this time, on CD-digitalized format. I really don't appreciate the modern songs now. I find them annoying. The oldies are the goldies.

I'll take note of the website and order online.

Have a wonderful evening!

Bay Martin said...

My Dearest Jazmin,

This one is for your. I also posted an article about Five Hundred Miles in my other blogpage. I am emailing you the URL soon.


Bay Yung Dyun

FrancisG said...

I like this song, too! I remember you have a good collection of PPM records. They are now available on CDs.

Bay Martin said...

Sorry, Francis, I lost all my PPM LP records. I got a DVD of PPM at one of the local record shops here. It's highlights of some of their public performances. I placed an order for PPM CDs at Amazon.

Monching said...

Hindi ka pa rin nagsasawa sa Peter, Paul & Mary! I saw one DVD ng PPM sa Music Master. May copy ka na?