Saturday, May 3, 2008


I came across two articles on “creativity”. Both authors are saying not all creative people are alike, which makes defining creativity a challenge and assessing it a monumental undertaking. They added that traditional psychological definition of creativity includes two parts: originality and functionality. We can’t be creative unless we come up with something that has not been done before. The idea also has to work, or be adoptive or be functional and has to meet some criteria of usefulness, and that it should not be an obvious extension of something that already exists.

Traditional Christmas lantern, a true Filipino ingenuity!

Creative minds, creative works, creative people!

What are the traits of a creative person?

At a very young age, the daughter of my niece (that makes her my grand dotter uuuggghhh!!!) is already showing
creativity. She has a great deal of energy, smart, yet naïve at the same time. She is playful, but maintains discipline. She is full of fancy things in her young mind.

A very creative and useful invention

Creative ideas in music

These are only some of the interesting characteristics of the creative personality. Creative persons have other distinguishing traits, such as imagination, fantasy, but at one end a sense of reality. Creative individuals demonstrate contrasting traits; being humble and proud at the same time, but not the extent of being conceited or self-centered.

Creative minds mean creative works of art

Draw your creative ideas in the sand

enerally speaking, creative people have the tendency to be rebellious and independent, passionate about their work, yet can be objective, as well. The openness and sensitivity of creative individuals often expose them to suffering pain yet also a great deal of enjoyment.


Dong said...

It gives knowledge and full of beautiful pictures.It also gives more importance to the traditions that may be lost, but still remmebered.

Jefoy said...

If a person composes, does it mean he is creative?

The Architect said...

I believe creativity is an inborn talent. It is a gift from God. It manifests at an early age and becomes more and more nurtured as you grow and mature.

Bay Martin said...

Creativity is a gift from God. I believe all of us have special gifts, we only have to discover, develop, and enhance them. To love is the most unique gift from HIM because He, Himself is Love.

Bay Martin said...


It's worthwhile to know how to use your creative talents to create a lasting memory.

Bay Martin said...


Composing is one creative talent. Reaching out through music is another.