Thursday, May 8, 2008


Experience Bahrain

Bahrain is strategically located as a gateway to the Middle East and has the added attraction of a safe and pleasant environment, warm climate, together with history, culture, traditions and international events. The King Fahad Causeway, which is a delightful midpoint connecting Bahrain with Saudi Arabia, has made it a lot easier to visit the archipelago by car.

Miraculous Tree of Life

There are natural attractions to see, such as the miraculous Tree of Life close to Jebel Dukhan, Bahrain’s highest point. The tree appears like a mirage in the desert – a lone tree standing amid a sea of sand.

Magnificent Al Fateh Mosque

The modern face of the country is equally appealing and attractions include the magnificent Al Fateh Grand Mosque set against the backdrop of palm trees and sea.

Bahrain International Airport

Revolving Restaurant Saudi-Bahrain Causeway

Saudi-Bahrain Causeway

Frequently referred to as the “Pearl of the Gulf” due to its wealth of natural attractions and its rich pearl diving heritage. High-rise buildings rubbing shoulders with more traditional dwellings, Bahrain mixes ancient traditions and historical sites with modern developments and cosmopolitan living.

A weekend in Bahrain to unwind is exciting and refreshing.


FrancisG said...

One thing memorable sa trip natin sa Bahrain was the visit to the wet market. Remember staccossa? I like it very much. Mahal na raw ngayon!

SSHAPI08 said...

I've been to Bahrain many times, but I haven't seen this tree yet. Hope to visit the place one of these days to check if it is true!

Bay Martin said...

Of course, I remember staccossa. I love it. It tastes better than ordinary frawn. A kilo will cost you SR60 now. I don't know the price in Bahrain. May be, the same!

Arman regularly visits their shop in Manama. Lagi akong nagbibilin, but he always comes back empty handed.

Bay Martin said...

Saleh, you need to join a local tour. I suggest you do it in the months of October, November, or December, when the weather is not that much hot. said...

The traffic at the Causeway is so heavy now, especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. When is your next trip to Manama?