Tuesday, May 27, 2008


".... you're in love, so in love, and love is all you're
thinkin' of, don't you know love,
that true
love comes from God....

I love you, you love me, we vowed our love
eternally, don't you know love,
that true love comes from God ...."

Who is the greatest lover of all?

True love always costs dearly! God, the perfect lover, has given us, His beloved, the most perfect gift of all. "To ransom a slave God gave His Son" (an ancient prayer from the Easter vigil liturgy). God sent His Son to free us from the worst of tyrannies – slavery to sin and the curse of death. Jesus' sacrificial death was an act of total self-giving. Jesus gave Himself completely out of love for His Father, and He willingly laid down His life out of selfless love for our sake and for our salvation. His death on the cross was both a total offering to God and the perfect sacrifice of atonement for our sin and the sin of the world.


Good4Love said...

True Love Is The Only One True Thing That Matters.

Bay Martin said...


Many thanks for swinging by. You are right, the love of God has no bounds or limits, it is free, yet many do not want to take advantage of it. God's love is not limited to one people of a few chosen friends. His love is limitless because it embraces the whole world and every individual created in "His image and likeness".

Have a wonderful time blogging!

SummerOf42 said...

God's love is unconditional! It's infinite, yet, we tend to ignore everything the Lord freely offers us.

Bay Martin said...

And God's love is all knowing. An author says, "you can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving".

God in His gloriousness and infinite wisdom provides everything out of His pure love for us!

Bay Martin said...

Today, the goodness of God cries out, and the water comes to life with His saving grace! Out of His love, He gave His only to redeem us from the darkness of sins!

Monching said...

God's love is unconditional and free!

Colore Heart said...

ohowhowhow... i can't believe ill find the lyrics of this song... partial tho... here at blogspot! i needed to be sure coz i want to use it for our couples' fellowship this afternoon. i will have to extract the chorus part from my memory bank. but, hey, thanks for posting. i'm half done!:$