Wednesday, May 14, 2008


This is for my young friend, Dong Balatong, who loves pets so much that he plans to pursue veterinary medicine in college. To you Dong, here are some helpful tips to make your pet dogs very happy.

Create a dog-friendly garden –

If possible, create a sandpit in a shaded area in your garden. Where your dog can dig to its heart’s content. Having paths will also allow your pet dog to run in designated area.

Erect temporary fencing around newly planted flowerbeds to prevent your dog from digging the beds. The use of large urns, raised beds and hanging baskets will also keep the plants out of reach.

Avoid growing cacti or plants with sharp thorns, which can cause serious eye injury to your pet.

Most pups love chewing objects so avoid planting poisonous plants, such as oleanders, castor oil plant, datura or calotropis, to name a few.

Avoid using chemicals unless absolutely necessary. Keep your pet out of the garden after the place has been fertilized or sprayed with chemicals.

Keep compost piles out of your pet’s reach. Store fertilizers, fish emulsion and blood-and-meals in containers with secure lids.

8 comments: said...

Wow! Those are really Helpful Tips you got there.Thank you Tito Bay for the post, well actually my name is Andrew L. Fino. Dong is only my nickname. "Balatong" Where did you get that?

Bay Martin said...

My apology for coming back to you only now. Kind of busy! You can always drop by and use my PC, no hay problema, no questions asked! I am thinking putting up a webpage about dogs dogs dogs dedicated to you! Baka maging arp arp arp ka na rin!

Bay Martin said...

Dong Balatong,

What did you do? All of a sudden I got all the pictures back. You are really a genius. Many thanks. You have my permission to use my pc always.

You are really gifted! Share mo naman sa akin!

Tito Bay

FrancisG said...

Nice breed of dog!

Khalid said...

Great looking dog! Isn't it expensive to maintain this kind of dog?

Bay Martin said...

Franz, nahuli rin kita. I am calling up again this weekend to get your email addy. Do you communicate with our old buddies?

Bay Martin said...

It is very expensive to maintain this breed. I don't know how Andre is doing it. He really loves pets. He has made up his mind to be a veterinarian.

Monching said...

And who is Dong, siya ba ang kasama ng aso. Pogi sya ha! Pero hindi sila magkamukha ng dog ha ha ha!!!