Monday, May 26, 2008


Impressive business letter creates goodwill. Goodwill creates customers. Customer means revenue.

Here are some tips to my colleagues, who have difficulties writing impressive letters to customers. Always remember that a well-worded letter plays a very important role in maintaining business. A direct approach is best when writing customer service letters. The majority of customer service letters either to a customer or from a customer involve the exchange of information. The letters either ask for or give specific facts so that the company can satisfy the customer -

Be specific. Rather than writing vague generalities include details.

Watch the tone of your letter. Customers may be wrong,
but how you present that information can directly
impact on whether that customer stays or leaves.

Ask for what information you need to help the customer.

When delivering negative news, use a positive or negative buffer.

Restate the information to ensure you have it right.

Include dates, prices, order numbers, invoice numbers,
and any other data that will help serve the customer.

Draw the customer’s attention to a new product or service
or sell the customer on your company.

Show that you are courteous and professional.
Always thank the customer for the business.

Remind a customer or potential customer of your continued
willingness to serve. Always encourage future business.


MS said...


Tips are very helpful. Those were the days when I always asked you to help me with business writing. You did a great job helping our other friends, too!

Great blog!


AreGee said...

I still have your book in business writer. Let me know if you want it back! Thanks!

Bay Martin said...

I will always be here if you need my help. I am a phone away, Maneee!

Bay Martin said...

RG, if you are still using it, walang problema. Just return it when your done!

Markmanship said...

Very impressive. This entry will help me with my business writing.

Monchiting said...

Do you have business letter writing book?