Monday, May 12, 2008


Here are some facts
for you to weigh in the mind!!!

Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel.
He refused the opportunity, having no head,
he said, for human problems.

Sigmund Freud never learned to read a railway timetable.
He almost always had to be accompanied on a journey.

Louis Pasteur, whose work on wine, vinegar, and beer led to
pasteurization, had an obsessive fear of dirt and infection. He refused
to shake hands, and he carefully wiped plate and glass before dining.

Alexander Graham Bell was working to
improve the telegraph when he invented the telephone.


Bay Martin said...


I am glad you solved my problem. Look at the pics of these great men! I am posting you pic again!

Many thanks!

Tito Bay

Monching said...

You should have included your pic dahil genius ka rin!