Monday, July 6, 2009

SHE'S 20, HE'S 60!

he only daughter of a very good friend, whom I've known since she was a baby was so happy to break the news that she's getting married. I got the surprise of my life when she told me that she is marrying a 60-year old man. She said, she wanted to marry a man three times her age because she believed young men were irresponsible. She added, older men knew how to treat ladies correctly.

No more questions, your honor!

I rest my case!


Pepe said...

Kabaligtaran naman sa youngest son mo ha! How is he now, still having an affair with an old woman?

Pepe said...

What's the term we used sa matanda na mahilig sa tsiks... oh yes, DOM, as in dirty old man ngekkk!!!

Moncheting said...

Age doesn't matter basta ba tatagal pa si DOM! Makailang rounds kaya siya?

Joe said...

The girl is after sikyu (security tanga!!!) ha ah ha!!!

Bay Martin said...

@ Pepe,

Well, Jan separated with his first live-in partner, ang babaeng hamog na 10 taon ang tanda sa kanya. Praise the Lord.

He has a new live-in partner na kasing-idad 'nya.

Bay Martin said...

@ Pepe,

Yes, DOM nga, tulad mo ugghhhh!!!

Bay Martin said...

@ Monching,

Sex drives men from puberty through old age. It is their "raison d'etre", their purpose in life; to reproduce. Everything else is, well, fluff. It diminishes with age but never disappears. Sex is a primitive - primordial - urge.

The sex urge drives them hard; it is wired deep into the primitive levels of their brains; alongside the other basic drives. The bottom line? Without this urge we would never survive as a species

Bay Martin said...

@ Joe,

I say, yes to that. May be, the man is filthy rich yak yak yak yak!!!

Monching said...

Magsisi ang babaeng yan kapag tulala na at di na tumitinag si P...r ngekkkk!!!