Thursday, July 16, 2009


What benefits does a person derive from participating in a group therapy? Does it help a participant to interact more effectively? Does it give you the opportunity to understand the reason why people act differently in a given situation?

A colleague is so quick to anger. Not only does he need to attend anger management, but more in particular join a group therapy to enable him to learn how to adjust and be flexible when it comes to interacting with others. He has an attitude.

Group therapy has proved successfully with people who find it hard to form good social relationships. For many people with emotional problems, being with others who have similar types of problems seem to provide insight into their own feelings and behavior.

Under the leadership of a group therapist or facilitator, members are encouraged to express their real feelings, to be angry and affectionate. They get to analyze the motives behind their behavior, and try to be completely honest with other members of the group. Participants are also encouraged to feel free to criticize one another. By extending the discussion of a problem to everyone, the leader tries to develop in the group a more mature outlook on this particular problem. For them the group setting itself may provide positive reinforcement. Undesirable characteristics are not reinforced by the group. More positive qualities are. Participants can thus learn to modify problem behavior.


Monching said...

Dapat talaga yan sa kasama mong irritable!

Bay Martin said...

To a certain extent, group therapy does bring out the best in you. Interaction with others greatly helps an individual improves self image.

Monchet said...

Kaya nga i-encourage mo yan, yang katabi mo dyan na laging high blood!

Bay Martin said...

I will try!

Monch said...

Hindi lang pala group therapy and kailangan ng kasama mo, kailangan ipa-complete make over ang utak ngekkk!!!