Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What kind of person is most likely to use drugs and for what reasons? A common characteristic of all young drug and alcohol users is the lack of both spontaneous daydreaming and a satisfying fantasy life. This may sound ridiculous, but very true. Users are restless and impulsive. They seek outside stimulation and lifestyles, and drugs offer change. Hard drug users, as well as those who use depressants and stimulants, seek an escape from normal reality. They are less likely than soft-drug users to have rich daydreams or to use their fantasies to solve problems. They are mostly victims of harsh realities of their daily lives.

By contrast, nonusers appear to be more orderly, more conformist, and more interested in achievements and in the future. Their daydreams reflect these characteristics.

"A painful reminder that drugs
are not always the answer!"


Bob said...

An eye opener. Very interesting topic.

Khalid said...

Not a wise idea to invest in stocks now! You are right, the investment scene is still fragile and risky.

Khalid said...

Sorry wrong spot!

Monch said...

I agree with you, friend!

Joe said...

I remember your story about your younger brother!