Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Why do some people cross-dress? May be, to attract attention, for the fun of it, to shock others, for comfort or style, challenge social norms. There is always a logical explanation for this behavior. Take the case of this true cross-dressing story.

Police officers are doning wigs and wearing women's clothing to catch criminals targeting females on the city's streets, according to a senior officials. They are taking this unusual move because of the rising crime in the city and it works. By disguising their true identities, they were able to arrest some 60 wanted muggers, who have been targeting officers thinking they are women civilians.

The special formed teams are helping to catch muggers, bag snatchers and pickpockets, which are on the increase in the city. Some male officers wear full burkas (female garments), while others opt for wigs to disguise themselves as women at busy intersections and crowded places where most of the crimes occur.


Monchet said...

Ha ha ha, I remember something, and you know it well!

Bay Martin said...

What was the laugh about? What did you remember? Come on man, spit it out!

Monch said...

Sikret, kapag pinilit ako, sasabihin ko rin ha ha ha!!!

Darrel said...

Local authorities can't cross-dress. It's a big shame ha ha!!!