Tuesday, July 7, 2009


ay I borrow your dog for a few days?

"It's for my mother-in-law," explained the mourner at the funeral procession. Tightening the leash, he gestured down at the dog and say, "My Doberman here killed her."

Just one look into my eyes and you'll know.... !!!

"Gee ... that's terrible," commiserated the spectator. "But.... hmmmm.... is there anyway you might lend me your dog for a day or so?"

The bereaved son-in-law pointed his thumb over his shoulder and answered, "Get in line."

I recall a Filipino comedian, who used to joke about his favorite song and always dedicating it to his mother-in-law. The title of the song .... "Devil Woman!"

ha ha ha!!!


Pepe said...

I know the comedian's name very well! ha ha!

Bay Martin said...

Yes, kapangalan mo nga ha ha ha!!!

Ramonchito said...

Devil woman... devil woman... let me be... devil woman...

Kilala ko rin ang tinutukoy 'nyo!

Monching said...

The eyebags ng dog parang eyebags ng Indian neighbor namin ngekkk!!!

Jose said...

Not even once did I ever hear you complain about your mom-in-laws. Is she really good to you?

Bay Martin said...

@ Mon,

I had an officemate before sa Coke. Tindi ng eyebags, akala mo black eyes.

Here's the lyrics of your fav song --

Marty Robbins

I told Mary about us, told her about our great sin
Mary just cried and forgave me, Mary took me back again
She said if I wanted my freedom, I could be free evermore
But I don't want to be and I don't want to see Mary cry anymore.


Devil woman, devil woman, let go of me
Devil woman, let me be
Just leave me alone,
I want to go home.

Mary is waiting and weeping alone in our shack by the sea
Even after I hurt her, Mary' still in love with me
Devil woman, it's over, trapped no more by your charms
I don't want to stay, I want to get away, Women let go of my arms.


Devil woman, you're evil like the dark coral reef
Like the winds that bring high tides, you bring sorrow and grief
You made me so ashamed to face Mary, barely had the strength to tell
Skies are not so black, Mary took me back, Mary has broken your spell.


Bay Martin said...

@ Jose,

There's nothing to complain about! My parents-in-law are both very good to me. They never treated me differently.

Monch said...

Ha ha ha!!! Mahilig ka talaga sa oldies but goldies songs!

Monching said...

How about the song of Patti Page, "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window". Hmmpppp pihadong memoryado mo!