Sunday, July 5, 2009


audi Arabia has unusual rules for investing in stocks. The locals are limited in the number of stocks they can purchase based on their family size and the availability of the stock. The family ID card issued to all Saudis determines the family size. The idea behind this scheme is to allow the most people to hold stocks in any given listing. Like any system, people often try to bend rules in their favor.

This is precisely what a man did when he went to a local civil department to request that a neighbor's kid be added to his family card so he could increase the number of stock he could purchase. His request was denied because it is illegal to do such a thing.


JoeJoeCo said...

OK! that's really of out line!

MonRa said...

To borrow your phrase, "an stupid act," ha ha ha!

Togther again ang double trouble ngekkk!!!

Bay Martin said...

A desperate act ha!

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramon,

Indeed it was a stupid thing to do ha ha!

MonMon said...

Hindi ba pwedeng, may I borrow your wife?