Thursday, April 10, 2008


My deep appreciation to Mr. Stefan Zucker of Opera Fanatic Magazine for including a very interesting, rave review on Mado Robin, a French coloratura soprano, who is listed in some editions of Guinness Book of World Records on account of her B flat above high C, heard in the Lucia “mad scene”.

I have a VHS copy of Mado Robin Live! Her voice is unbelievable, awesome, magnificent. It’s a pity she had to die at the peak of her career.
To borrow Mr. Zucker’s phrase, “… you will get a kick…” of her remarkable voice range for many reasons.

I’ll never get tired watching her rare recordings. Many thanks to Bel Canto Society for preserving this magnificent voice! Hope it gets digitalized soon


Anonymous said...

Kuya Bay,

Is she the singer na parang violin ang voice.

Her voice was unique!


Bay Martin said...

She's the one you heard when you visited me last. I am looking forward to get her digitalized CD records, too. I already have her Lakme record. You are always welcome to listen to her again.

Francis said...

Are you still listening to your grand operas, ngggiiiiihhhh!

el j said...


Jo said...

Dapat yan ang pinanlaban mo sa dating ka-flatmate, yung nagkikikil ng yero sa gabi, ngggiiiii, nakakangilo naman talaga. Di ilagay sa lugar ang kanyang idad, ang tanda na mahilig pa rin sa rock ngggiiiii uliiiitttt!!!

Bay Martin said...

Ha ha ha! You bet, basag ang eardrums 'nya! ha ha ha!

Monching said...

Opera... no... no... no....!!!

Magpapaopera na lang ako, hmmppp!!