Wednesday, April 2, 2008


"A strong family notice and share positive aspects of each other"

This is very stressful time for my sister's family, my family, too. The members of her household are facing difficult strains in their relationships, time, money, and emotions.

My sister has not recovered from her bereavement. My brother-in-law's passing has a tremendous impact on her well-being. Time has not healed the wounds, she is still mourning and in pain, she is worn out and angry. I wish I could do something to help her.

How will I be able to get through her confused mind and heart? How I can tell her that she needs to move on? How will I be able to impart to her that in spite of her predicaments there are ways to remain strong, happy, and keep her family together.

What makes some families strong? How can we nurture a wholesome relationship among the family members? How can we create our own unique, healthy family? We have to consider many aspects in our lives, look into different angles and decide where to start the healing process. We have to determine which areas of family are already strong and identify other areas where we want to be stronger.

Even strong families have conflicts. Members may get angry, criticize or reprimand each other. But strong families are able to deal with conflicts without bickering or destroying each other or family well-being. Families get stronger by expression of caring and appreciation, commitment, spending time together, encouragement, communication, spirituality, community and family ties. Members of strong families find ways to encourage and support each other. Love and respect are freely given and extended, not as a way to buy family members' love.

These all together make family foundation sturdier and able to withstand time.

Sis, we are with you at this trying time! We want you to know that we all care and love you!


Ria Coleto-Cervantes said...

You just pulled a heart-string Uncle. I feel sad that mom has to go through difficult times while Owie and I are away. Much as we want to console her, we just pray for her to regain strength and believe that she is NEVER alone...

Anonymous said...

Problems and whatever, family members should bond together regularly, discuss things in the confine of the house, interact, exchange ideas, laugh out loud, play games, watch fav shows, and all those things wonderful to maintain strong ties.

Bay Martin said...

Ria, your Mom needs space. I know she doesn't give up easily. She just needs a little relaxation, a break, a trip to USofA, perhaps!

Anonymous said...

There are so many stumbling blocks when building a strong family foundation, it's only when you build it in His Name will you be able to overcome trials and tribulations.

We pray for your sister's spiritual strength.

Rodel said...


Thanks, bati na kami ni esmi! We already patched our differences. Pwede kang psychologist. Ang galing mong magbigay ng advice.

I appreciate the number of times you spent talking to me about family bonding. I can only promise you that things will be different from now on. I love my wife and my kid.

Thank you again,


Bay Martin said...

Hope you honor your words. May the good Lord bless you and your family.

Monching said...

This one is perfectly worded post. Very heartening and inspiring.