Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Why do we fold our hands to pray?

We fold our hands to pray out of respect and honor to God. There are those times when I am in a circle of friends that we will join our hands to pray.

Many people fold their hands to pray to keep their hands from distracting their minds from the things of God. I fidget when I pray, and I know that if my hands were not folded or holding another’s hands, I would be moving them. That may not be distractive to me, but it might distract someone sitting next to me.

We fold our hands to pray, because hands are important. Hands are used in service to others. He used His hands to heal, help, instruct, comfort, and bless. Ultimately, His hands were nailed to the cross for our sins. We fold our hands out of respect for His sacrifice.

It is important to remember that God doesn’t care how we pray -- just that we pray. He doesn’t care if we are standing, sitting, lying down, or kneeling. The method we use and the posture we have is not important. The most important thing we can do everyday is to pray -- talk to God, tell Him our troubles, and share our gratitude.

Prayer works.


Anonymous said...

You show your sincerity when praying with folded hands. You are more focused with your communications with HIM.

The Man Under the Mango Tree said...

Prayer is the key that opens to us the treasure of God’s mercies and blessings.
Biblically speaking: This is the proper way to pray: Go inside your room (your mind/body), shut the door (your mouth) and the windows (your eyes), and prostrate (stretched out your body parallel to the ground with your head touching the ground as a sign of submission).

Bro Tukmol said...


Pwede bang maglagay ng prayers sa webpage mo? Why don't you?


Bay Martin said...

I have been thinking of that for sometime now. It should be a very appropriate prayer for the community.

Monching said...

Folding our hands in prayer shows respect, sincerity, and humility!