Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Almost instantly, my interest to join the blogging world has reached a certain level that ever since I learned the trade secret, I am glued and hooked!

I was introduced to PayPerPost by my colleagues, Bro Joel and Sis Anna, husband and wife blogging tandem, who have been into this very interesting internet activities for years now, but only came to know of the vast opportunities awaiting them three months ago. Registering to PayPerPost was quick and easy because they have already established a long list of followers and bloggermates.

Sis Anna was so delighted to break the news that both of them are making good money out of writing short articles, “blogging” as she termed it, a very, very new term for me. They get paid to blog, this is awesome! She said, I was the first person that came into her mind about the paid blogging business because she knew of my creativity and ability to express myself in writing: articles, narratives, short stories, poems, dramas, and others.

A thought popped out of the blue, and everything went green, rainbow colors kept flashing my mind. Rare opportunities like these come once in our lifetime. Why not make the most out of my free time and crush it with some figure paydays. Well, I can write, never forget my grammar and composition rules; why not give it a try. Inch by inch the procedures were followed to the letter. Presto, I am a blogger, and little while thereafter, registered with PayPerPost, also through their help. My joy was immense when I got the approval notice. I am a registered paid blogger, yyyeeehhheeeyyy ….. What a break!

Many, many thanks to PayPerPost for offering unlimited opportunities to amateur bloggers/writers like me and get paid to blog. I have encouraged my brother, who is also a very good teacher and writer, and my Dubai-based niece, Ria, she is very fond of writing, too, to follow suit as quickly as they could, and which they did. They are now registered bloggers and awaiting PayPerPost approvals.

It runs in the blood, you know! Our objective now is to establish a blogging community, get as many backlinks as possible, get high rankings, share the generous offer and assistance of PayPerPost to friends and others, who may wish to be assisted the entire process of adding money in their pockets through PayPerPost blogging.

Well, I really don’t know what to say about the earnings, but there goes the saying, “… do not count the chicks until the eggs hatched….” May be, I have to stick to this noble virtue and save every blog earning for retirement”.


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