Saturday, April 19, 2008


Taking Off To Singapore

From the sleek skyscrapers of the central business district to some of the Asia’s best shopping with the malls on Orchard Road. From the lazy drift of Singapore River’s traditional bumboats to the wild adventure of the Singapore Zoo’s night Safari. From the teashops of Chinatown to the kebab grills of Arab Street to the curry houses of Little India.


flight delayed!!!… what do I do now??
it's gonna be a longgggggg wait ugghhhh!!!

I asked the saleslady if I could
have one picture with her, she stared
at me and said, in a mild voice,
“… sorry, not allowed …”!!!

…. boring… boringgg…
it’s another three hours of waiting …
aaahhhhh… !!!


A visit to Singapore guarantees to be an exciting experience. The city of skyscrapers, five-star hotels, cable cars, beach resorts, and the famous hospitality and smile. The city is a blend of modernity, sophistication, and antiquity. A culmination of old and modern co-existence. The present Singapore is alive and vibrant, full of life and vigor, and a continuous dream of a more prosperous tomorrow.

Singapore is a dynamic, modern Asian city, where culture and color tantalize the senses from the minute you touch down. A place where the melting pot of cultures delivers an ancient traditions, arts and architecture. This irresistibly lively metropolis represents a fine synergy of east and west.

Full of life and vitality—the city has so many places to explore; Singapore Zoo, one of the most beautiful zoos in the world, the Jurung Bird Park, home of over 600 species of colorful birds, or visit the surrounding islands.



Some of the most exciting bandas
at Singapore Orchidarium




Right on Singapore’s doorstep lies the nature-lover’s paradise that is Sentosa Island. Take the nature walk up the Dragon Trail through lush secondary rainforest and soak in the scenic views at the summit of of Mt. Imbiah, overlooking picturesque neighboring islands.


Jo said...

At long last, you finished the article. Ang galing! I am planning to make a few days lay over in Singapore on my next repat.

Will you help me create my yahoo or gmail email address!

Ria Coleto-Cervantes said...

Naku Uncle, how many years ago itong pics mo? Hehehehe. Pogi ah! Kamukha mo si Keanu RIBS (hehehehe, hindi Reeves...). We might pass by on July sa Singapore and might take nanay with me, siguro 2 nts lng. Para mapasyal sya dun. Gawa din nga ako ng travelogue on Singapore. I lost my pictures kasi dun eh. Konti lng natira...


Bay Martin said...

Jo, explore the city, you will surely enjoy it. It's worth the money.

Bay Martin said...

Enjoy the trip to fullest, Ria. Don't forget to visit the wax museum. I forgot to mention it in my entry. Panay ang travel ng Madir mo, ha! You are rich!

Bay Martin said...
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Bay Martin said...

This particular entry is heartily dedicated to my friend, Baby Jazmin. She loves Singapore so much. She was there last year, and is planning another trip this year uggghhhh!!! You are rich!

Anonymous said...

Visited Singapore many times but not getting around,
I don't realize there would be so many places to visit...

Maybe the next time with frenz can make it merrier and more FUN...^^

Bay Martin said...

Thanks for posting a comment, Sayz. I've been there twice and plan to make a stop over again, may be, in December this year. It's really fun. They probably added new spots to see. Tag along some of your friends, to make it more exciting.

Monching said...

Yes na yes ang trip sa Singapore. Nga lang humid masyado. At saan baol mo naman pinaghahalungkat ang mga pics na yan, parang di ikaw, ikaw ba yan, answer meeeeeee???

Bay Martin said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!