Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I woke up this morning a bit lazy to get up and go to work. Not only am I still in the recovery period from a bout of influenza, which made me felt pretty bad the last few days, but also I felt so weary and downtrodden. The thought of the many urgent recruitment documents that I need to dispatch today prompted me to keep moving.

At the office, I still felt so sad and glum. I decided to phone my super, lovable, adorable grandson, Onchong, and everything went rainbow …. rainbow …. rainbow …. ‘coz he was the one who picked up the phone. The mere sound of his voice turned my joyless spirit vibrant and alive.

He immediately bragged that he knows how to swim now, that he could float, this….. that….. thing in the swimming pool. So I joked with him and said, that in my next vacation we would go swimming and that he should teach me how to do it! Rather innocently, he blurted out, “……Lolo…. lolung-lolo ka na di ka pa marunong magswimming ……” (“….. Grandpa, you are very, very old now and you still don’t know how to swim…..”).

I couldn't help laughing at his very innocent remarks …….. and from then on … everything went well. I made a quick work of dispatching all the pending recruitment documents and was humming my way through the day … yes, everything went smoothly the rest of the day.

Onchong, you will always be my pride and joy!

Love na love kita (I love you very much!),



Anonymous said...

super kyut naman ang Onchong Onchong

Bay Martin said...

He is really super cute and very smart. He's only five, but knows many things. He is a bundle of joy. There is no dull moment when you are with him.

Anonymous said...

Just browsing. Your grandchildren are so adorable and cute. There's no doubt you always miss them. You are so blessed. How old is Onchong now? He must be a a very smart kid, ha?

Anonymous said...


happy ako dahil proud ka sa akin,
mahal na mahal din po kita. . .

Happy Birthday! Loveyou po !


ZZ said...

Super kyut ang Onchong Onchong buti na lang di nagmana sa Lolo ha ha ha ha!!


Bay Martin said...

I love you, too, Onchong.

Be good always!

Take good care of Rani and Rina.

Labs na labs kita,


Bay Martin said...


Your Mom emailed to me a copy of your report card. CONGRATULATIONS!

Keep up the good work!

PSP games are coming!

I love you,


jazzy said...

ang cute naman ng maglolo..kaya maraming diehard fans is lolo in Onchong hahaha!!

just want to greet and sing happi happi birthday to Lolo pogi ito nga
pala ang song ni mami bodie from
Ca. w/ love..
"Maligayang bati sa Iyong Kaarawan"
magdamag na di ako makatulog, ala-ala ko ang iyong kaarawan..
bagamat dagli akong nakalimot..(*scratch head.. very forgetful sometimes)
narito ang puso kong nagaalay,
ng isang maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan at namay lumiga ka
habang nabubuhay!!
Happi Happi Birthday to you!! boyito!!long live & goo health and lots of love sweet embrace and lots of hugs!!
Mommy Bods, Baby Jazz, James,
Albert & Antho.

Ternong Bakal said...

Tigil ka, sabi mo kamukha mo si Onchong, naku ha, kilabutan ka naman! Super kyut ang apo mo, pero ikaw super akyut ngggeeehhh!!!

Eddie Boy said...

He looks big for his age. I can feel that he is a very smart and vibrant boy.

MMMs said...

Talagang labs na labs mo si Onchong Onchong. How about the twins? How about Jan's son? You never write anything about them. Naku ha, you are playing favoritism. Haven't you reconciled things with Jan?

Jim said...

Wa na ako say, Onchong pa rin! Wala kang bukang bibig kund Onchong, Onchong, Onchonggggg!!! He's so cute tulad ng twins!

Bay Martin said...

Onchong is learning how to read and write now. This morning, he asked me to spell this word, that word. He is very eager to learn new things!

Bay Martin said...

Dear MMMs,

Jan is staying in Caloocan now. He separated from his live-in partner. I praise the Lord for opening his eyes. I heard he is a dating a new girl uggghhhh!!!

Monching said...

Onchong and the twins have strong resemblance sa kanilang Mom, hindi sa 'yo 'no, wala kang takottttt!!!

Ha ha ha ha!!! said...

Remember what Onchong said, "... lolung-lolo ka na..." ha ha ha!!!