Sunday, April 13, 2008


Keeping people in mind means having a heart!

Data and people, these two, sometimes contradictory things, are key elements in human resources writing. Often when writing human resources letters, memos, circulars, and announcement we will consult “data” before writing. These data might include time keeping records, end of service entitlements, professional development training program records, activity reports, employment contracts details, length of service, work policies. Data is what makes human resources writing credible. We cannot write without it. At the same time, human resources letters and memos are written for real people who have families and feelings. It does need to express concern and caring for employees.

Our company is no exception. Modern technology has introduced us into the sophisticated world of electronic record keeping making it a lot easier to access important records, especially when the need has a sense of urgency. Records are created, received, maintained, or stored on any computing equipment or storage device, such as electronic messages, including those created using e-mail, and other emerging electronic communication technologies, like hand held devices, voicemail, and instant messaging, word processing document and spreadsheets, databases, legal documents, accounting records, and auditing records. Departments are encouraged, when possible and appropriate, to use all available electronic technologies that increase efficiency, reduce expenses or improve the methods to process, handle, retrieve, transmit and retain records and information.

That ‘s the wonder of office automation!


Lito dJ said...

What a great blogspot. I love to read your articles. They are very informative, with sense.

Bay Martin said...

Nakakaalis ng homesickness, kaya lang nakaka-addict whooo!!! said...

I agree with you, the thing is, too much exposure is not doing any good to our beautiful eyes!