Saturday, April 19, 2008


How do we go about promoting and enhancing spirituality in our family?

To develop a stronger family, we must build our foundation that can withstand the test of times. If our body is strengthened by exercise, then our spirit is strengthened by working for God. As we grow spiritually and learn more of His Words, then the Lord will give us more opportunities and responsibilities in His work.

Spirituality is a very powerful and important source of strength in strong families. Family members share belief in something greater than themselves and agree what is right and wrong and what is really important to them. Shared values and beliefs provide families with purpose and meaning and look to these beliefs for guidelines to live by.

Prayer, meditation, scripture study, faith coupled with work, fellowship with others, faith in humanity, moral behavior, and unity with all living things are some of the ways to make our spirituality grow more stronger. Others refer to overcoming fault and developing virtues like honesty, integrity, and kindness. Some families enhance spirituality by holding regular devotionals and discussing how to can apply what they have read to everyday situations and challenges.


Bro Jim said...

Bro Bay,

Are you still active sa CCRSA? Is Bro Cecil still attending the Thursday gathering?

May the Lord be with you always!

el j said...

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AMEN.!! ^^

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Bay Martin said...

El J, many thanks for the visit!

Bay Martin said...

Bro Jim,

Yes, I am very active, the official Holy Rosary maker pa. Dati choir director, pero nakakapagod kaya tigil muna.

Bro Cecil is no longer attending the SPG. I heard he is very much pre-occupied with his work. Good luck to him!

When do you plan to visit us?

Monching said...

Nakaka-uplift ang message. Thanks a lot. Parang sinundot ang aking puso!

Bay Martin said...

Thanks! That's the very idea of the entry!