Wednesday, December 23, 2009


ave you ever experienc
ed being chased by a dog?

When a person is being chased by a dog he feels his heart pound and pulse race. The unconditioned stimulus signals danger and elicits an unconditioned response. Extra adrenalin is pumped through the person's system, helping him to get away. Later, his heart still beats wildly at the sight of a dog--even though it's quite friendly and shows no sign of giving chase. The danger has disappeared, but the adrenalin goes to work anyway.

Why does this rush of adrenalin take place? Apparently, this type of unconditioned response can remain with us in the form of a conditioned response. The conditioned response continues to operate even though it may not be necessary. The conditioned organ has learned too well, and there is little or no extinction.

This process is called schizokinesis. Schizo means divided or split. Kinesis means action. Schizokinesis is a body response that goes off in two directions. When it occurs, a given stimulus no longer causes a coordinated response between the organs that sense danger and those that are mobilized to take action. The original response was so useful that the action organs still get alarmed, even when the threat of danger is not longer real.


Ramon said...

Nakagat pa ako!

jessica said...

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Carlo V said...

Strange word for me, T2 Bay, but add'l word power!

Joseph said...

You are always giving us hard time with words! How do you pronounce schizokinesis?

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramon

Wala bang rabies and kumagat sa 'yo? Kaya pala paminsan-minsan para kang tumatahol ha ha ha dyowkkk dyowkkk!!!

Bay Martin said...

@ Jessica,

I'll check on that Jessica. Many thanks for the leaving comments. Appreciate it.

Bay Martin said...

@ Carlo

And be careful with the spelling. Did you enjoy your holidays? See you Friday!

Joseph said...

What's the next difficult word to learn?

Bay Martin said...

Schisomycetes ja ja ja!

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