Thursday, December 10, 2009


My buddy, Yusuf, insisted that I should post this one --

* * * Presenting * * *

The Top Ten Contestants
for the Women Drivers Award 2009

10th Place Goes To

9th Place Goes To

8th Place Goes To

7th Place Goes To

6th Place Goes To

5th Place Goes To

4th Place Goes To

3rd Place Goes To

The Silver Medal Winner

Her helmet is being worn backwards

... and finally, here is our

2009 Women Drivers Award

*** Gold Medal Winner ***

Wow!!! How the heck???

Ohhh.... never mind....


This concludes the
2009 Women Drivers Awards Ceremony

Thank you to all contestants for
giving us all a reason to laugh and smile!!!


Joseph said...

So women should not be allowed to drive ha ha!

Bay Martin said...

I didn't say that, man!

Ramon said...

Have you seen Queen Latifah in the movie, Taxi? May be, these women should learn driving from her ha ha ha!!!

Per said...

Traffic hazards ba?

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramon,

Yes, I saw it twice and enjoyed it. She's one hell of a driver!

Bay Martin said...

@ Per

All I know is that women are defensive drivers ja ja ja!!!