Tuesday, December 22, 2009


How to balance work and life has become increasingly difficult to achieve nowadays. It is in our hands to find the activities that are using much of our time. We need to learn how to prioritize tasks and seek resources and aids that will help us reduce the time spent on less important activities and devote more to our life's interests.

Most of the time, we are caught in between two important responsibilities both needing immediate attention. Equal distribution of time is just impossible. We end up wrangling and bickering over lack of time. Not being able to finish a task on time is very frustrating.

Work and fun can come together in life if we want them to. Devoting time in work and projects for a specific period and then taking time off for relaxation without any word of work will enable us to wind up.

I always remind my piano students to take things in equal stride; never too happy, never too depressed. To excel academically and be guaranteed excellent results, I advice them to manage their time wisely, study in advance, review their notes everyday, and never, never cram for exams.

We can always mix two similar activities. In this way, we can relish the moment and get both tasks completed. Identifying things that matter the most carefully and removing the trivialities out of our schedule will help us devote time and energy to more important things.


Sam said...

Hello! Kuya, Sending you my warmest wishes… For a year filled with good cheer, joy and peace. Wishing you a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year!

Roque said...

Bro, pwede ba rito i-balance ang work and life? How?

Joseph said...

Can you still balance your busy life, friend?

Bay Martin said...

@ Sam,

Many thanks for the good cheers. Did you enjoy the holidays! As usual, was kind of busy!

Bay Martin said...

@ Roque,

Just take one day at a time!

Bay Martin said...

@ Joseph,

I am trying to!

Joseph said...

Tulay na lang kaya tayo sa alambre ha ha