Wednesday, December 30, 2009


oday, there seems to be an apparent struggle of extremes. This is most often observed from people's attitudes and reactions toward events or issues that concern the common good of all. One extreme is the isolation or I-don't-care attitude. As long as the issue is not and will not directly affect us and the family, it is not our concern. This negative attitude has been around since time immemorial.

Another extreme is the prejudice or bias attitude. It is an attitude that we totally believe only our opinion is right. Nobody can ever alter that belief. This attitude is always accompanied by ignorance, fear, or hatred. It always resists change even when evidence fails to support them or points to the contrary.

Such existing attitude not only widens the gap between and among people, but also creates tension and thus, rock the existing peace and tranquility of the environment. What happens is that nobody will work for the common good, but for personal aggrandizement.


Joseph said...

Very familiar phrase ng mga selfish!

Joseph said...

Write something about the "bahala na" attitude of pinoys, please!

Bay Martin said...

"Bahala na" kung may time na isulat ja ja ja!!!

Djam said...

Very common expression among my schoolmates!

Jona said...

Yes, this is very true!