Monday, December 21, 2009


collect colorful items like soft drink bottle caps, cigarette pack covers, chocolate wrappers, candy wrappers, rubber bands, marbles, etc., and when I came to Saudi Arabia, I started collecting coins and paper mone
y, stamps, sands, flight souvenir items, novelty items, cards, statuettes, crime magazines, mysteries of unexplained books, DVD movies, CD records of long-ago artists, grand opera productions on DVD, and anything that takes my fancy. It is fun and brings comfort and excitement to me. But I have a friend, who has an even more interesting hobby; collecting postcards.

Modern postcards are cheap to buy and can be collected according to theme, or subject. It might be hard to decide where to start, since there are plenty to choose from. Some of the older cards can be bought quite cheaply, too. Some will increase in value much quicker than others. A few varieties will never become collectible; they will only be valuable as personal souvenirs.

Postcards that show pictures of towns, villages, and landmarks as seen through the eyes of the camera are known as topographic postcards. If you go to a trade fair or antiques market in search of postcards, you will win respect among the dealers if you use the correct term, topography. Old views are expensive to buy. They are usually available in color or in black and white. While the colored cards are more attractive, the black and white pictures are often much clearer.

Part of the the fun collecting is in the search. If you collect anything and everything, you will simply be hoarding mountains of paper. So take your time, look around and choose carefully.


Roque said...

Bro Bay, Happy New Year!

Nice article. You are very fond of collectin stuffs ha!

Joseph said...

I collect IOUs ha ha ha at saka papel de agensya ha ha ha

Joseph said...

Are still collecting sands? Tsaga mo ha?