Monday, December 14, 2009


"I was not literate in computers at all,"
the sprightly nonagenarian said. "I was
completely self-taught as far as that
was concerned."

Learning is a continuing process, and it proves to be true for a 91-year old man, who received a law degree and finishing the six-year course more than a year ahead of schedule because he said, "time is of the essence." Learning how to use the internet was his biggest challenge in completing the degree.

True learning is a lifelong process of experience and exploration, and anytime we return to a classroom or any kind to learn something new, we are continuing our education. It helps us to become more knowledgeable, more aware, and able to help others by the information and experience we acquire through this learning process.

If you stop learning, you will travel one of the quickest paths to career obsolescence that you can find. When you stop learning, you stop growing both personally and professionally. We need to retool our knowledge base not once in a while, but on a continuous basis.

Learning is a whole life career, and absolutely not limited to in school.


Ramon said...

That's probably the reason why you know many things because you don't stop learning!

Bay Martin said...

You need to retool, man!

Carlo V said...

I don't forget your advice, T2, to study and learn new things!

Bay Martin said...

That's the way it should be, CV. Keep learning new things!

Joseph said...

Yes, yes, alam kong hindi ka tumitigil sa pag-aaral kaya marami kang alam!