Sunday, December 13, 2009


Strange News

Baboons are a common sight in the western region of Saudi Arabia, but what about drunken baboons?

A troop of monkeys went ape wild on a m
ountaintop near this village in the south, causing police to investigate. It turns out our simian friends happened upon a stash of distilled libations, and that's when the party started. They managed to get into those bottles with the magic of opposable thumbs. Authorities believe smugglers from the south hid the stash, though perhaps only the monkeys know for sure who the culprits really were.

Monkeys like beer, too!


Ramon said...

OK interesting news!

Per said...

There are many mountain baboons in the Yemen/Saudi border.

Eirven said...

Cool monkeys...that must be the drunken fist monkey.haha

Sam said...

funny! hi kuya how are you? where are you going to celebrate the holidays? I wish you a healthy and happy holidays.

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramon,


Bay Martin said...

@ Per

I heard about that, too!

Bay Martin said...

@ Eirvin,

Very cool man, just like the drunken master ja ja!!!

Bay Martin said...

@ Sam,

Many, many thanks! I sincerely appreciate your good wishes.

Dito lang ako sa bahay, we have a small gathering tomorrow night. Mga members ng prayer group!