Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Much has been said about th
e value of Incan gold, but one of the great legacies of the Incas was food plants. The potato, the pumpkin, and the pineapple came from South America and spread through the world. Coca, the source of cocaine, and cinchona, the source of quinine, are also gifts of Peruvian civilization to mankind.


Monts said...

Ah, ok! Buti na lang nabasa ko 'to. I thought, potato was European origin. Mali na naman ako. Knowledge is power talaga, i-share mo nga ang santambak mong knowledge sa amin!

Ram said...

Have you ever tried baked potato with mayonnaise toppings!

Bay Martin said...

@ Monts,

Akala ko rin before, ang potato originated from Ireland.

Bay Martin said...

@ Ram,

Yes, many times, but without the mayonnaise toppings. I shy away from too much cholesterol!