Monday, November 9, 2009


Consider it a tie.

This incident happened not too long ago
in the western region!

A shepherd was hospitalized after being attacked by a donkey, but the donkey's owner then abandoned the angry beast near a desert at that. The donkey viciously attacked the shepherd, who suffered bruises on his head and other parts of his body. Motives for the attacked are unknown. The shepherd said, they have been together for two years and have never seen him so angry like that. The shepherd is recuperating, but the donkey is wandering around fending for itself somewhere at the fringes of a very large desert.

onkeys are friendly, sensitive, tame, docile, and sociable. They are affectionate and so inoffensive. Miniature donkeys are almost ideal pets, too. They are good companion animals. Their gentle nature makes them excellent pets for children and adults. They make perfect work mates and the
y tend to be able to do more work for their size than any other beast of burden except mules.

have a strong hint that the shepherd wronged the donkey. A donkey maltreated by people is a sad and often dangerous creature. They will not work if you cause them injury.

ittle donkey... little donkey... on a dusty road...

Got to keep on, plodding onward...


Ram said...

I agree with you. Baka nga sinaktan ng shepherd.

MonRa said...

Every heard of the story of the Al Hasa donkey?