Friday, November 27, 2009


Poverty Is A Relative Thing


Francis Duggan

t is true poverty is a relative thing
A poor bloke buys his girlfriend a ten dollar ring
But to a pauper one with ten dollars is not poor at all
What to one seems big to another seems small,
That poverty is a relative thing seems so true
You may well be poor but many poorer than you
There are millions of homeless on Poverty Street
Searching in rubbish bins to find something to eat
And there are millions who lay down
to rest hungry at night
And sleep in the open under the starlight
At least you have a roof over your head
and a bed on which to lie

And it will not be of malnutrition that you will die
And of those down on their luck the singer may sing
But poverty can be a relative thing.


Ramon said...

Very touchy ang mga posts mo ngayon. Puro tungkol sa poverty.

I do remember the days na sumasala kami sa oras!

Bay Martin said...

Looking back, yes!