Tuesday, November 17, 2009


earn to appreciate the beauty around you!

Poets tell us that the world is full of beautiful, wonderful things. We don't have to be a poet to realize that this is true. All we need is to rub sleep out of our eyes and look around with a keener, more observant gaze. Watch the clouds as they float lazily across the summer sky, study the outlines of trees, smell the freshness of the morning breeze, listen to the happy, lively chirping of the birds, hear the buzzing of the busy bees hopping from one fragrant bloom to another, feel the gentle, warmth of the early morning sun. Commune with nature!

We don't have to be a poet to know that the world is full of beauty.

"God's love is all around us,
it is not just things that we can
see or own,
It's also what's inside us,
to help to take us home...."


Ramon said...

Very refreshing, cool, lovely, beautiful, dreamlike, wow naging poet akong bigla.

I love this entry. It reminds me of trees, ricefield, flowers, butterflies, bees sa amin!

Ramon said...

Kakahomesick ang maganda at preskong kalikasan. Uwi na tayoooo!!!

Goddy said...

Hi! Thanks for this post. It reminds me that despite the not-so-good people we have to deal with every day, we still live in a beautiful world.

Joseph said...

And man continues to destroy the balance of nature!

Ramon said...

I feel so great this morning and I want to commune (to borrow your word) with nature! The thing is, we don't have that much nature around ngekkk!!!

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramon,

Yes, it reminds me also of my happy childhood.

Ramon said...

The trees, the flowers, the grasses are all fresh the last three days dahil sa ulan. Feel ko nga enjoy na enjoy sila!

Wow, nature lover na rin ako!