Monday, November 2, 2009


seeing-eye dog, or any dog trained to guide the blind, cannot tell a red light from a green one. When it leads its master across the street, it watches the traffic flow to tell when it is safe to cross

Met a blind couple during my last visit to Baguio. They are eking out a living working as masseurs in a massage clinic. The man said, he turned blind when he was 10 years old. Out of curiosity, I asked them how they manage their movements around. I told them about the seeing-eye dogs, and how they help people with impaired visions. They said, they never heard of such a thing. The chance discussion did not end there. They're very eager to learn more about these service dogs.

Nowadays, blind individuals are enjoying more independent lives with the aid of seeing-eye dogs. These dogs can lead their blind owners around their homes, neighborhoods, and even down a busy sidewalk in a big city. Seeing-eye dogs are able to alert their owners of dangers, curbs, stairs, looming obstacles and more. They are able to help to retrieve items their blind owners may need.


Mon said...

Do we have seeing eye dogs trainers in the Philippines now? I haven't seen any blind using dog guides in RP!

Montsito said...

Did you do your homework? Am waiting for your feedback on seeing eye dogs in Pinas!

Dar said...

I heard about this. A big hope for the blind people.