Sunday, June 14, 2009


The sweetest music to anyone's
ear is the sound of his or her own name!

If your name is Happy and you always look so sad, will you change your name? How about if your name is Pretty yet you look ugly, will you apply for a name change? If your mother named you "Locust" or "Bald" when you were born, you might apply for a name change, too.

Approximately 30 young women have applied for name change at the Social Status Department here because they were unhappy with the names given to them, such as Jaradah (Locust) and Salaa ("Bald").

The ladies said that their parents gave them such names due to tribal traditions of passing on the names of mothers or grandmothers to their grandchildren, which implies that the cycle of embarrassing names may have been going on for time immemorial. But it doesn't have to be. Each individual has the right to have a name of his or her choice.

My buddy's name is Skip. Everytime I tell him that it is the name of our dog, he slams the door in my face ha ha ha!!!


EricdaPogi said...

Pagandahan na talaga ngayon ang pangalan ng mga bata kahit di bagay hige lang!

Bay Martin said...

Does the name Anna Charice ring a bell? ha ha ha!!!

ChingMon said...

Naku ha, ang iba dyan napunta lang ng Saudi nag-iba na ng pangalan ay may mga letter "h" pa in between letters, such as Rhick, Rhuel, Jhoy, naku ha, tignan mo naman ang mga karakas, talagang di mo kakabigin, itutulak mo lahat ha ha ha!!!