Monday, June 15, 2009


What do you call a pile of mobile phones, wallets, passports and assorted jewelry? Depending on what you do for a living, it's either "booty" or "evidence."

Eight women and seven men were caught sitting around a pile of booty (or evidence) by investigators. The suspects are being charged with the time-honored craft of pickpocketry. They were reportedly using a more traditional technique, handed down from one generation of petty criminals to the next: taking a sharp blade and slicing open bags while their owners aren't looking. Other
items were taken through the more conventional picking of pockets. Investigators witnessed some of the lady suspects engaging in their trade and trailed them to their hideout. They were all arrested while they were dividing up their booty--or evidence, if you will.


RonnieBoy said...

O di ba si engot ang laki-laki super tanga naman at naagawan ng celfon!

Ispoklok said...

Yes, usung-uso ang celfonjacking sa Khobar!

Bay Martin said...

@ RBoy,

He probably didn't know na uso na ang celfon snatching sa commercial area. You should have warned him! That was a new cf, right?

Bay Martin said...

@ Ispoklok,

Right, at di pa rin nadadala ang iba and they keep on showing off!

Bore said...

My friend was a victim. Twice a victim, and he hasn't learned his lesson!