Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What's in a name?
We shall name him after my father!

No, no, no! he will be named after my father!

But your father's name doesn't sound nice!

I want my son's name to be unique
and different!

For one set of parents it means enough to separate 48 hours after their first baby was born because they couldn't agree on what to name him. The father wanted to name the boy after the baby's late grandfather, while the mother had promised to name her firstborn after her father. The parents wouldn't budge and the disagreement grew. The families tried in vain to intervene by offering suggestions for alternative names. The dispute got so bad the mother went back to her family with the child while the father sent a divorce letter to the father-in-law. This couple is acting immature.

What's in a name, anyway!

I feel especially fortunate 'coz I got to choose the names of my grandchildren, and nobody ever dared to disagree with me.


Mionggoy said...

I remember ang story mo, Kuya Bay, tungkol sa dalawang bata na super sa ganda ang mga pangalan, tapos nakasampay naman sa langit ang mga ilong ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Bay Martin said...

Yes, yes, I remember the funny lines, too!

MonMon said...

Ang pangalan ko sa calendar ay Porfirio. Talagang idedemanda ko ang mga magulang kung yun ang pinangalan nila sa akin!

Jose said...

My calendar name is Triunfolino, type mo?

Mon said...

What is your calendar name ba?