Friday, June 5, 2009


n elderly man, who has four wives, boasted that he has never given his wives an opportunity to complain by ensuring he is never biased to any particular one. He explained that he implemented his theory of fair treatment to all by rebuking and punishing all of them whenever anyone of them did something he did not like. When one wife began quarreling with him he would silence her by punishing all four. He also boasted that he made all his wives live in the same house, unlike other men in polygamous relationships. The man says, he has made all his wives live together because of his strict adherence in the idea of equal treatment to all.

BTW, I know the guy. He is really a big hunk of man,
and capable of watering the treasured plants everyday.
He is a very good provider, though!

How did I know?



Anonymous said...

I wonder if he does it everyday ha ha!

Bay Martin said...

Do you want me to ask the man ha ha!

Bore said...

He probably has packs and packs of dates in the fridge ha ha!!!

Bore said...

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