Wednesday, June 24, 2009



HE is fairer than the lily of the valley,
HE is brighter than the morning sun,
HE is purer than the snow,
Fresher than the breeze,
Lovelier by far than all of these.

But HE calms all the storms,
and conquers the raging seas.
HE is the high and lofty one,
Who inhabits eternity.
Creator of the universe,
and HE's clothed with majesty,
HE is and evermore shall be.



ZZZZZZRon said...

Is this the song na kinakanta mo sa kusina?

Bay Martin said...

Yes, it is the one!

HyunKim said...

The purity of white color is magnificent!

Ramonmon said...

Sing me this praise song, please!

Bay Martin said...

@ HyunKim,

Is white your fav color?

Bay Martin said...

@ Ramon,

No problem, you can visit me anytime at magjamming tayo.

Bob said...

I heard this song once. The tune is so nice and very spiritual.

Joe said...

Yan pala ang lily of the valley, akala ko yun nakikita sa kankungan.