Friday, April 24, 2009


his is a true story of a husband, who loves his wife so much, that he even resorted to kidnapping her just to say, "I am sorry!"

Very romantic, isn't it?

Policemen were recently put on high alert after receiving news of a woman being kidnapped by a man and forced into his car. Police closed down roads and checked cars passing by until they managed to locate the car they were looking for and arrested the man. However, under interrogation it soon transpired that the couple was married, albeit estranged. The man told the police that since separating from his wife he had been looking for the opportunity to apologize, but that his wife would not listen to him. Finally, he took advantage of her being at a local market, and as she left the market, managed to get her to sit in his car and listen to his apology.

What happened next?

The woman confirmed that the couple was married and both were later released.

Did they live happily ever after?

Well... I think they are trying to make up for the lost time!


Miong said...

This entry gave me an idea. The next time na mag-away kami ni esmi at ayaw akong papasukin sa bahay, kikidnapin ko rin siya ha ha ha!!!

Bay Martin said...

And end up in kalaboosh!