Wednesday, April 15, 2009


hat actually is true happiness? The way to happiness is filled with many moral choices This means we are offered many chances to choose how we will act and live our life. The maze of life, or when you reach your crossroad, presents you a chance to choose between an action that is solely for your own satisfaction and options that will be for the greater glory of God.

ill your choice bring good to your immediate neighbor and yourself? You can choose to be unselfish or selfish, kind or mean. Everything is up to you. Your sense of responsibility is put to test.

oresight, planning, and prudence can make a lot of difference. Foresight helps you to envision the effect of your choice. Planning provides you the system on how to carry out your action. And prudence tells you to analyze the situation and, if necessary, take counsel from others before making a decision. Thus, you are able to choose the best way to handle situations.

o borrow Mr. James E. Faust's words, "tommorow's blessings and opportunities depend on the choices we make today."


Moncheting said...

Most of your entries ay nababagay sa panahon ngayon.

Yes, we have lots of choices in life, and from this choice, we build our future. I had so many bad choices before, but now, medyo maingat na tayo sa pagdedesisyon. Thanks sa mga advice mo, Kap Bay. I am very much appreciative.

JoeCo said...

Ako rin, many thanks sa mga payo ni Kuya Cesar. Malaking tulong ang mga spiritual advices mo, especially sa pagiging emotional at impulsiveness ko.

Ka Feriong said...

Bakit ako di pinapayuhan ni Ka Bay (without an "o) ha ha ha!!! Baka matadyakan akong bigla. Of course, of course, kilala ko si Ka Bay, ang mga words of wisdom niya ay malaking tulong sa atin. Sa tagal nya rito sa Saudi, syempre mas maalam siya.

Pareng Bay, saludo kami sa 'yo. Labs ka namin pards!