Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Two villagers, angry over the death of their camel in an unknown road accident, decided to take the lives of the passengers of the first car passing by them. But the unsuspecting passengers happened to be the principal and teachers of the local school. The villagers stopped the vehicle and ordered the frightened passengers to get out of the car at gunpoint. The pleadings that they were going to the school and that they had nothing to do with the unfortunate death of their camel fell upon deaf ears. The irate villagers lined them up for shooting, but two passing by students sensed the danger and intervened. They persuaded the livid villagers to take the "suspects" to the nearest police station and settle the issue.

The rest is anybody's guess. The villagers were arrested on charges of preventing the teachers from discharging their duties and threatening to kill them.

any camels roam freely around the desert, crossing roads without warning. They are the cause of numerous accidents, where their sheer size means that there are often no survivors.


Jose said...

Ha ha ha! Very commnon sight sa mga highways ang pagtawid-tawid ng mga camels. At night kakatakot magtravel sa mga roads, bigla na lang may sumusulpot sa harapan na mga camels from nowhere! Di kaya white lady camel ngekkk!

Ka Ferdie said...

Eh yung nangyari sa Riyadh, you remember? Nagkahati-hati ang sasakyan nang mabangga ang camel.

Monch-Monch said...

It is true na masarap ang camel's milk?

Miong said...

I can relate!