Friday, April 10, 2009


s early as 400 BC, Hippocrates defined four personality types. Which of the four types do you think is closest to you? It is important to note that no one perfectly conforms to any of these types.

SANGUINE (Super Salesman)


Warm, friendly, outoing, witty, optimistic, and fun to be around--the life of the party. Good at communications, public relations, entertainment, and short burst of energy. Basically a people person.


Can be superficial, quickly discouraged, and easily hurt by rejection. Often covers up deep feelings of inferiority and inadequacy with a happy-go-lucky facade.

MELANCHOLIC (Super Philosopher)


Imaginative, creative, sensitive, and artistic--a real lover of beauty, solitude, and perfection. Usually quiet, gentle, and philosophical. Able to concentrate, feel deeply, go to the heart of things, stay at something a long time, and remain clam in adversity. Basically an ideal person.


Can be moody, touchy, withdrawn, and extremely shy. Easily hurt by broken relationships and capable of extreme depression. Tendency to escape from reality and relationship into themselves.

CHOLERIC (Super Leader)


Strong, self-confident, discipline, determined, and dedicated, usually successful in whatever is undertaken. Good at organizing, taking risks, planning great endeavors, and following through with zeal. Basically a born leader.


Can be cruel, sarcastic, hot-tempered, and intolerant. Sometimes ruthless, unscrupulous, insensitive, and often "burn out" before life is over.

PHLEGMATIC (Super Friend)


Easy going, likable, dependable, loyal, ever cautious, conservative, and practical. A good follower, friend, and partner for a strong-willed person. Inclined toward unselfish service, peace making, and the simple life. Basically a support person.


Can be lazy, half-hearted, easily stepped on and abused by the other personalities. Often has deep feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth.

Ref: Self-Profile: The Me Nobody Knows by Lyman Coleman


Ramonchingching said...

Yes, do I know myself well enough!

This entry is an eye opener. I'll give an excellent grade for posting this one!

Joey'Da-Great said...

Ang tipo ng personalidad ko ay numberrrr .... wala yata, wala nga sa apat ang personality trait ko, aba kailangan magdagdag ka pa ng isa!

Nanding said...

Me... look at me.... VERY LIKABLE... pogi eh!!!

Monchetchet said...

Tigil kayoooo!!! Let's ask Ka Bay. He knows our personality more than anybody else. Kaya mo yan, JoeCo?

Omeng said...

Ako kaya anong category ang personality trait ko. Basta ako laging happy!